WE TAKE ACTION is the roof connecting all our ecological and social projects. Because progress also means responsibility for our fellow human beings and   the environment.
The process of continuous re-engineering and adjustment of processes and/or components, with sustainable and social ideals in mind, is of great importance to us. This is implemented through our guidelines for suppliers, which have been in place for a long time, and are particularly concerned with the working conditions at the production locations, whilst entirely prohibiting child labour. We do whatever we can, within our scope of   possibilities. We consciously look for certain parameters when selecting our suppliers, and we require certain assurances regarding health and safety and social responsibility in their dealings with the workforce in writing. Regarding sustainability, ecological issues are of particular importance when   considering packaging and transportation. Nonetheless, and just because we want to make a difference, we are always looking for possibilities especially   in the area of product development. This is an exciting area, where the area of football also yields new approaches every year, which we are always glad to adopt.

Our enduring goal: A mostly PVC-free product range. The reasons?

After thoroughly analysing all the data on the lung and joint ailments amongst many workers involved in PVC manufacturing, the employers’ liability insurance association declared that they recognized VC sickness as a legitimate occupational hazard. Vinyl chloride can cause cancer in humans and can cause genetic mutations. Soft PVC is physiologically undesirable because of the softening agents it contains, yet it continues to be very widespread because of its usability and its price. The softening agents can damage the liver and the kidneys and also are suspected of causing cancer. Reasons enough for us to aim to be PVC-free.

In the new catalogue, we are presenting a product line-up that is 99% PVC-free. This means that our huge efforts have paid off in that all our clothing, goalkeeper gloves, football boots, and shin guards, all our footballs except one, as well as our entire packaging material, are now PVC-free.

The pigments in our goalkeeper gloves are water-based. Our glues are almost completely solvent-free. The bladders in our balls are made mainly from natural latex. Our bags are produced in ecologically-certified facilities. We have revolutionized our packaging and shipping operations. We ship our goalkeeper gloves and shin guards in soft packaging. We ship our balls deflated. How come? That way we pack a third more product per crate, which means a third more product per container, which means energy savings of 30% per unit shipped – there are no two ways about it: it just makes sense to be environmentally minded. That’s how we see things. That’s how we do things.